How to deploy war to remote tomcat using the SCP Ant task

Useful properties, mainly the details of the remote login plus the location of the tomcat webapps folder to deploy the war:


and the actual scp ant task:

<target name="deployremote" depends="build" description="Deploy to the remote linux box">
    	<scp trust="yes" file="${name}.war" todir="${remoteusername}@${remotehost}:${remotedir}" password="${remotepassword}"/>

Java classpath 101

Rules governing the omnipresent Java classpath:

  • -classpath or its abbreviation -cp is applicable on both the javac compiler and the java JVM invoker.
  • In Unix the classpath parameters are using : as a delimiter, whereas in Windows ; is getting used.
  • In Unix package structure is defines using forward slash whereas in Windows backward slash.
  • ┬áIn terms of hierarchy
    • the -classpath invocation overrides the system classpath
    • the classpath is read from left to right
    • it uses the first match it finds.