Scala Swing Components and Basic Layout example

After having completed a basic Scala Swing example in this post, we continue by adding a basic reactive functionality similar to its Java Swing counterpart presented in this post:

object HelloWorld extends SimpleSwingApplication {

  def top = new MainFrame {

    val button = new Button("Click me!")
    val textArea = new TextArea {
      reactions += { case ButtonClicked(_)  => text = text.concat("Button Clicked!\n") }

    contents = new BorderPanel{
      layout(button) = BorderPanel.Position.North
      layout(textArea) = BorderPanel.Position.South

    title = "Hello, World!"


– The TextArea component listensTo the Button as well as defines the reactive functionality by adding case function to the reactions.
– The BorderPanel represents the BorderLayout and is added under the contents variable.
– Lastly, as also mentioned in the previous article, by calling peer the MainFrame has access to the methods of the underlying JFrame.


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